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Jinxy Jenkins, Lucky Lou
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The Inspiration Series: The Dynamics of Couples

Explore the tension and comedy of one-on-one relationships of all types in this collection of outstanding short films, music videos, advertising, brand videos and games, cinematically-curated from the archives of Stash Magazine.

Running Time
40 mins
Nb videos
10 videos included

Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

Exquisite and inspired, with marvelous music.

Anonymous picture

So much fun, loved the animations and "This way up".

Lauren avatar

What a great selection of (mostly) animated shorts. The animation was consistently unique and beautiful throughout. My favorites were "This Way Up", a Gothic comedic tale which felt very Tim Burton-esque and Crusier: All Over, an awesome music video featuring minimalist art from popular ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Brillant, so clever.