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It Comes at Night
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It Comes at Night

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Comments (13)

Anonymous picture

Wasn't prepared to fall into a pit of depression from watching a horror/thriller. Man, I need a drink.

Sean avatar

Ultimately frustrating. I appreciated what it was trying to do. The tone and acting are great. And as it studious attempts to avoid predictable apocalypse zombie cliches, the slooooow build to the supposed climax is a bit disappointing. Or at least kinda boring. I still enjoyed it but ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Gripping, ambiguous post apocalypse survival film that appears to be more about the limits and amount of trust we place in other people. Are we all in this together or should we go it alone and devolve into selfishness and paranoia? What does it take to lose our humanity?

Anonymous picture

Excellent and unexpected turn from the writer/director who made KRISHA, which was beautiful and haunting in an entirely different way. At its core this is a zombie apocalypse movie, but it's head and shoulders above the rest in the way it unflinchingly deals with the very difficult moral ...Read more

Justin avatar

Why can't we get along said Rodney.

Anonymous picture

A fine depiction of the fallibility of the human skillset under potentially monstrous duress. By examining the impulses that emerge in the desperate scenarios I play out in my imagination, I can prepare for any eventuality. Whereas I choose the path of reasoned vigilance, I proceed under ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Why do witches always have to be "evil"?

serenity avatar

what is A24?

Anonymous picture

A24 is a production company. They have gotten a name for themselves as being one of the next and greatest of the productions companies out there. Just like I think Blumhouse is a horror company that always has good films, if A24 releases a film, it usually indicates that it is a pretty good ...Read more

Felix avatar

Good journey but the destination was not fulfilling. The acting of all the characters was good, but the plot had a few holes.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

OK, so this movie is "predictable". SO WHAT. William SHakespeare would often tell you the endings of his books. BUT it's the journey that matters. HE got it. That's why I don't care if it's "predictable". Also it's A24 so who fr*ckin cares. Masterpiece.

Anonymous picture

Good movie but predictable. Watching it once was enough for me.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

Have you ever read Romeo and JUliet? Was THAT predictable?