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As It Is In Heaven
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As It Is In Heaven

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Comments (14)

Anonymous picture

On so many levels this movie hits the spot! Very sweet film, many stories within the main story line!

Anonymous picture

So beautiful and moving. A tribute to music and love.

Anonymous picture

Opened my heart and my box of tissues!

Max avatar

If I weren't in a choir already this film would make me want to join one. The final scenes sound startlingly beautiful.

Anonymous picture

What a strange and beautiful movie!

Anonymous picture

Gem of a movie.

Anonymous picture

Beautiful movie. Reminded me of the movie "Babette's Feast" , both stories of how generosity and love can open hearts.

Anonymous picture

Exquisite! This film gets us in touch with what we most need in our lives: love and compassion.

Sylvia avatar

Outstanding. I am mostly deaf and usually watch foreign films without sound. Don't do it, despite not being in English this is a brilliant film to listen to. As someone else commented... depth with incredible beauty.

Anonymous picture

A movie that will stay with me for a very long time. Story-telling at its very best. The actors were genuine and real..... Very few movies today have the depth that "As It Is In Heaven" has.

Anonymous picture

* * * * * Well worth the time!

Anonymous picture

A great movie to get in touch with the eternal human values - acceptance, forgiveness, love, friendship, belonging, parenting. It leaves you feeling optimistic and hopeful. It is a refreshing break from the daily negative news, consumerism, criminal TV series...

Anonymous picture

RIP Michael Nyqvist. Sublime.

Anonymous picture

One of my all time favorites. Works on many levels; entertaining, uplifting and to my mind also metaphysical. A truly great movie.