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Suspenseful to the very last minute... a film noir with a twist at the end.

Anonymous picture

Lots of potential, but Ali's character being, essentially, a Turkish version of Shylock sours the good acting, intriguing chemistry between the actors, and beautiful filmwork. As with Shylock, it's somewhat debatable whether Ali's complex--and well-acted--character does more to challenge or ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I must have really messed up my first comments here...A very clever way
of using same situation/different story-line and ending that Cain's original "Postman's mystery novel...(and Nina Hoss has got to be the
absolute German Goddess of contemporary cinema.....Best screen
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Anonymous picture

This is a very clever twist on Cain's Postman story-line, and different
enough to avoid copyright infringement ...How ever, in 1943 .while Italy
was at war with the US, a young Luciano V. (can't spell his name right)
was given a copy of The Postman Always Rings Twice and ...Read more