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Jews & Muslims: Intimate Strangers - 4 Part Series

Jews & Muslims: Intimate Strangers - 4 Part Series
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Jews & Muslims: Origins (610-721)
This is an account of the birth of Islam and a history of conquest stretching from Persia to Spain. For the conquered, what was their place in this empire? For…
Jews & Muslims: The Place of the Other (721-1789)
In the year 721, the Muslim Empire was vast. Across the empire Jews and Christians were minorities motivated by a desire to obtain the most favorable status. Their quest for…
Jews & Muslims: The Separation (1789-1945)
History now takes us to Europe: the French Revolution. Nation-states. The Jews, now European citizens, became the target of a more asserted anti-Semitism. But having incorporated the new national elites,…
Jews & Muslims: Narratives at War (1945 to Present Day)
In 1945, the world discovers the horror of the Nazi camps. In 1948, the birth of Israel aroused anger and bitterness among Arabs and Muslims, but triggered joy and exultation…