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The Killing of a Sacred Deer
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The Killing of a Sacred Deer

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Comments (37)

Anonymous picture

It was extremely creepy. I didn't care for any of the characters. It was a complete waste of time.

Carmen avatar

hated it.

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Lisa Jane

If Roman Polanski has a cinematic successor, it's Yorgos Lanthimos. The film is creepy, disturbing, and grippingly suspenseful. And painfully gorgeous, in both visuals and acting talent. It's not for people who like punchy and fast stories, but it's great for audiences who enjoy a ...Read more

Anonymous picture
A. Cole

can't believe such talented actors starred in such a pathetic film.

Anonymous picture

What a waste of time. Most pathetic characters ever. I only cared for the dog.

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Anonymous picture

I know there's a reason why Bob was chosen to die for this movie, but i DEF would have shot Kim instead HAHA

Anonymous picture

lots of metaphor. full of symbolism

Anonymous picture

Every character in this film seems to be a narcissistic sociopath, except for maybe poor little Bob. The really scary part of this story is, apparently in the 21st century any idiot can become a heart surgeon. Here one of these 21st century idiot surgeons and his family are outwitted and ...Read more

Anonymous picture
John Michael

A previous review called this a "beautifully shot slasher flick," and that's dead on. It seems to me the director, Lanthimos, has a recurring problem. He has a style, but he has no subject worthy of it, so it sort of exists for its own sake. The Lobster was almost a brilliant sort of ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I found the mechanics of the plot completely fascinating, but couldn't care about any of the characters. The heightened anti-naturalistic style of acting makes everything feel very arch and cute so it's hard to buy in to the emotional stakes, which basically makes the film play like a very ...Read more

Rene avatar

A very good movie that is difficult to watch.

Anthony avatar

bitch. you don't even know.

Anonymous picture

anthony, i really didn't!!

Anonymous picture

It would be sacrilege to give anything by Lanthimos less than 4 stars.

kelley avatar

Love it, don't care what these clowns down below have to say

Anonymous picture

said the girl with pomegranate all over her face..

kelley avatar

it is not pomegranate and you will never be able to guess correctly what it is. : )

Anonymous picture

2☆☆ bcause I didn't hate it...strange and intriguing w/potential but very unsatisfying ending. Can't recommend and won't watch again. Better luck ♧ next time!

Felix avatar

A family of superficial freaks that probably aren't that different than fifty percent of the population in spite of the director's attempt to make them absurd. Watch the movie to see a mirror held up to the theologically (mythology) and culturally obsessed, weak-minded people who think that ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Not a movie to earn from....Agree with Anita's comment: to many unanswered questions about a family filled with desolation and lack of empathy and love among them...very cold!

Anonymous picture

Good However ...very confused? is that kid his son too? Why did not care the kids were dying? how did the girl get better? why didn't the mom get sick? I think the whole family had issues who does this stuff...shooting your son then eating in a many unanswered questions?

Anonymous picture

1) Cardiologists don't smoke. 2) Sex with your wife as she pretends to be anesthetized is really quite strange. 3) Shoving a donut down your kids' throat is a good way to choke him to death. 4) A mother who stands by and watches him do that with nary a "STOP IT!" is impossibly strange. 5) ...Read more

Janice avatar

That's a lot of blanket statements. I am CERTAIN that somewhere, a cardiologist is a smoker.

Anonymous picture

LOL- yeah, you're right. Likely in Europe, Russia, and China for starters. Otherwise, I stand by my other opinions, even though they weren't even the primary reasons why this film turned my stomach.

Anonymous picture

yorgos remakes "dogtooth" take one...
slick picture but his 'i'm so quirky' thing gets old

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

They did it again. I was never more elated then in my seat. That scene with the tree is one I will remember until I am old.

Anonymous picture

what scene with the tree?

Anonymous picture

that gets an overall "meh" from me. Slow and long. Had so much potential to only fall flat.

Anonymous picture

What even

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Anonymous picture

Didn’t care for it. Kind of strange and flat.

Michael avatar

French Fries

Anna-Lisa avatar

this movie feels like stepping outside of your body and watching as all your teeth get extracted

Anonymous picture

...but in the best possible way.

Anonymous picture

Sooo...You *didn't* like it, right?