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Kind Hearts and Coronets
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Kind Hearts and Coronets

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I had seen this movie years ago and had a vague memory of it. Well, I was going to go see the Broadway musical comedy - A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder - which was originally based on this movie and thought I'd give it a second look. I enjoyed the film but I did find the pace a bit ...Read more

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Scathing sendup of a bitter, wicked man's climb from the bottom of Edwardian society to a peerage, leaving a slew of bodies in his wake. Guinness is wonderful in his stiff, upper class multi-roles, with Price as the acerbic foundation of the highjinks. Dry, dark and witty as the best of ...Read more

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The novel this was based upon (Israel Rank: Autobiography of a Criminal) also became Tony Award winning 'A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder (2013)

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Hugely entertaining. Great script, expertly paced. On a side note, definitely bizarre to see the seeds of British-style humor taking root here, with Guinness's turn as a suffragette reminding me distinctly of later Terry Jones cross-gender roles.

Anonymous picture

The best comedy on Kanopy at the moment. 5/5.

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Dry, droll and pitiless, this comedy of manners holds up very well, indeed. Alec Guinness received appropriate kudos for his taking on multiple roles, but it is Dennis Price who carries the movie, and he does so with merciless precision. And let's not forget director Robert Hamer and ...Read more

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Mei Mei

Well said! 5/5

Anonymous picture

One of my favourite movies of all time!

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Classic movie

Anonymous picture

Alec Guinness is hysterical in this film. True British humour.