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The Kitchen
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The Kitchen

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

I liked it! I laughed and had fun. Light, sweet, hopeful, believable (I totally did go to a party like that many times). It is about starting life in your late twenties. I did like many of the characters and some of the acting (like any other movie). Be open about it and do not come waiting ...Read more

Anonymous picture

just god awful. horrid acting. bad writing. boring characters.
amazed they got funding to make this.

philomena avatar

Stupid movie - wasted one of my plays this month :( Not watching any more, life's too short

Anonymous picture

Laura Prepon is the only saving grace of this movie. The acting is forced, the dialogue is clunky, and the jokes aren't funny. I could see it faring well in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 setup.

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Today's temperature.

Anonymous picture

What was the point? I watched this entire movie. I still don't know what the storyline is about.... I just didn't care

Lenore avatar

Join the party. Fun to watch. Good characters.