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Kino is now proud to present Lady Chatterley in a new, two-part, Extended European Edition featuring nearly an hour of additional material excluded from the film's theatrical cut that explores the emotional and sensual borderlands uniting sex, love, and loyalty with even more intelligence, passion, and power than before. Through extra footage never seen in the US, director Pascale Ferran's "rapturous visual tone poem" (New York Times) becomes both a highly erotic immersion into Lady Chatterley and Parkin's passion and an equally frank and unsentimentally provocative portrayal of a marriage hobbled by war and ultimately torn apart by hypocrisy.

Running Time
366 mins
Nb videos
3 videos included

Comments (4)

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kay louise

Quite different from the original book by Lawrence. Glorious photography. What a free soul-no constrictions, qualms. Revealing to see the war connections that were omitted from the final cut. Makes a difference. But would be far too long-better to be a 3 or 4 part series..

Anonymous picture

I was the first person to read this book in the small town in Northern Wisconsin I'm from once the ban was lifted. Though I was only 14 at the time, the librarian didn't say I was too young. I think she wanted me to read it.

Anonymous picture

This made me cry like lil baaaby boi

Anonymous picture

Cool me too