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The Lavender Hill Mob
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The Lavender Hill Mob

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The best film I've watched in a long time. Great cast! Totally enjoyable.

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A gem with the great (Sir) Alec Guinness.

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Charming, yes, and this does have its moments: the giddy chase down the Eiffel Tower being one of them. But this has nowhere near the bite or complexity of the best Ealing comedies. That, and half of the "mob" are elaborately introduced and then summarily booted from the plot. A mish-mosh for ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Started simplistic. Ended boring. 3/5
Watch 'Kind Hearts and Coronets' instead.

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Thanks, I did.

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This is absolutely brilliant...In the old days I used to borrow DVDs' from the Library...I never thought they would have such a great streaming service...My only criticism is that The screen is too small unless you are running full screen....

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you can watch it on TV through the chromecast or if you connect the computer directly to TV

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This film is a gem. And I still borrow DVDs from the library but this is a wonderful service!