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Le Samouraï
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Le Samouraï

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Comments (12)

Trevor avatar

choice movie. I think you have to be in the right mood... but when you are... you're treated to a kind of existentialist film noir.

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

A very very French movie. Slow (very slow). But has a lesson. I watched while doing laundry (sue me) but still, I picked up a lot.

Anonymous picture

It's French, it's cool, it's got Alain F-ing Delon in it. You should watch this movie. You should stop reading this and watch this movie.

Anonymous picture

left me wanting more.morality of the times dictated the ending.
very good movie!

Anonymous picture

***Kind of boring and dreary after awhile, in spite of Alain. But, the french police were a comedy. You really need 70 people to track 1 guy? And you still lose him? I'm surprised he didn't commit suicide in that dreadful apartment he lived in.

Anonymous picture

Taut story line about a laconic French hired killer and a relentless police detective. Fine acting and well-paced. Four stars.

Anonymous picture

One of the best movies in the genre, sans doubte!

Anonymous picture

Man, what a cool movie. Very slow burn but pulls really pulls you into the character's world. Amazing how much atmosphere and suspense you can get from an almost silent film, lots of great tension as things start to become slightly clearer.

I tend to think his pet bird was probably the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

The music, the 60s, crime noir, Alain Delon & Jean-Pierre Melville. You can't go wrong with this combination.

Anonymous picture

Delon is absolutely unforgettable (with almost no dialogue). Melville is a genius and this movie takes noir toward something almost mystical, honed to a taut, psychological precision that is unlike anything else and powerful beyond belief.

Anonymous picture

Such a great movie. Strongly recommended.

Anonymous picture

One of Jean-Pierre Melville's greatest films and one of the greatest French noirs. This is a must see.