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Little England
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Little England
Mikra Anglia

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Comments (4)

Anonymous picture

I watched 1.04 minutes of 'Little England' to discover it was not the 'Little England' I anticipated. I feel viewers should be allowed five minutes of viewing before being 'charged'.

Anonymous picture

The gorgeous recreation of a Greek shipping town compensates somewhat for what I view as a somewhat weak plot and several unsympathetic main characters who we are meant to sympathize with. I guess I am just not so moved by films where women endlessly pine over men and fail to exert any ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Beautiful story of love and loss. Well made movie. Great acting and photography. Each scene is a well crafted piece of art.

Anonymous picture

A very well crafted movie. Beautiful scenery and great photography throughout. The actors move very well in relation to the camera, almost as if the scenes have been choreographed; they are beautifully acted. These young people's dreams, devotions and ambitions intercept bringing emotional ...Read more