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Little Fugitive
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Little Fugitive

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

A wonderfully nostalgic movie. As a young boy growing up in NY at the same time, brings back some great memories. If you want to get a sense of Coney Island, listen to the Drifters "Under the Boardwalk".

Anonymous picture

This is really a great movie. i read that it was one admired and copied by the French New Wave directors. One of them said that if there had been no LF, no New Wave would have been.

Anonymous picture

Took me right back to my childhood, and the summers I enjoyed in Wildwood, NJ, including the usual liberties enjoyed while exploring - adult supervision felt superfluous in those days. The film was a great depiction from the child's point of view, with inspirational acting and great camera ...Read more

Ron avatar

Filmed in the days when men were men, women were women, and children roamed the plains and streets of America without the constant vigil of helicopter parents protecting them from imaginary threats.

Anonymous picture

I loved this movie when I was a kid. I was glued when it was on tv.