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Little Pink House
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Little Pink House

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On the one hand, I am quite sympathetic to Kelo and the other homeowners. And having lived in New London, I briefly knew the 'Charlotte Wells' character (she is meant to be fictional, but a fairly accurate representation of Claire Gaudiani, former president of Connecticut College until ...Read more

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Money talks! and we all walk! What a sad situation!

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Rebekah Mercer is one of the EP's of this film. For those not familiar, she is one of those responsible for putting Trump in power. Her father, Robert Mercer pretty much prints money and here she is with her name attached to this project. Upside down times we live in...

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Eminent Domain is the same concept used to steal this land from Native Americans

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Yes, eminent domain is still being used today. Land was/is stolen from Native Americans, the African Americans and other areas of low to very low income communities. They offer the fare market value for the land (it's never a fair value to move anyway better). Now here's where this gets ...Read more

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* * * * * True story. If you aspire to be a home owner in the U.s., you need to know this story!

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Excellent. Timely. United States of the Corporations. We have lost our souls.