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Love is the Devil
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Love is the Devil
A Portrait of Francis Bacon

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

This might sound a bit shallow, but that lingering, overhead shot of Daniel Craig lying full on naked in the bathtub was pure poetry. There are all kinds of art...

Anonymous picture

I agree.

Anonymous picture

Well what can one say when one is dealing with Francis Bacon “ queer eye not for the str8 eye but not so hard on the eyes is that Daniel Craig so worth every naked eye please more give me more thank you Mr Maybury

Anonymous picture

A bit too existential and surreal for my taste.

Anonymous picture

Derek Jacobi plays the artist Francis Bacon. Daniel Craig is cast as his lover, George Dyer.

Dylan avatar

Who can resist James Bond (really Daniel Craig) as Francis Bacon, the notorious and iconic British painter? There are no paintings by Francis Bacon in "Love Is the Devil" (permission refused Bacon estate) but the film itself look like a Bacon, with filters distorting faces, reflections in ...Read more