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For the Love of Spock
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For the Love of Spock
The Life of Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy

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Bravo! Thanks to kanopy for making this available!

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I was only 5 when the show was taken off the air, so I never saw it first run. I remember it in the 1970s when it was on after school in rerun syndication. In Washington DC, An independent TV station host, "Captain 20" played by Dick Dysell would host afternoon reruns for kids and he had over ...Read more

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highly recommended; both as an introspective into the series, and into Leonard's life story. His contributions into the creation of the Spock character are remarkable!

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What a terrific experience! Thank you.

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Thanks for the memories.

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Entertaining and insightful documentary! Highly recommend for fans of the original series.

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I would watch Star Trek with my mom so we decided to watch this together, at first in a nostalgic way, but we were drawn in to the relatable story of Leonard Nimoy, a man following his dreams but first and foremost supporting his family.

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Is that you Zoe? This is your mom's cousin. :)
I loved this film.