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Margaret Mead: Portrait by a Friend
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Margaret Mead: Portrait by a Friend

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Margaret Mead: Portrait by a Friend
Jean Rouch filmed this loving and humorous portrait of anthropologist and filmmaker Margaret Mead in September 1977 while he was a guest of the first Margaret Mead Film Festival. As…
Encountering Jean Rouch
This short film was shot in 2002 during Bilan du Film Ethnographic for the purpose of introducing Jean Rouch to the audience at 2003 Taiwan International Ethnographic film festival. Unexpectedly,…
Jean Rouch and His Camera in the Heart of Africa
"Filming filmmakers is not an easy task: from time to time there are glimpses of show-off tactics, private jokes which make holiday and family films so unbearable. To undertake such…
Rouch's Gang
In 1991, Jean Rouch started work on his new feature film Madame l'Eau, much of which was shot in Holland. The documentary Rouch's Gang follows the film crew and provides…
Friends, Fools, Family: Rouch's Collaborators in Niger
Jean Rouch is known to many worldwide as a French anthropologist and innovative filmmaker. Much of his work is linked to the birth of cinema verite. However, Rouch's fifty-year involvement…
Art Films by Rina Sherman
Rina Sherman, a classical musician by training, turned to performance art and filmmaking in 1983, a year before she was exiled from South Africa and settled in France. She was…