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A Young Muslim Girl Comes of Age

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

This film definitely demonstrates that western progressive democracies continue to misunderstand the importance to muslum women their right to dress in traditional religious attire , the hijab. in all public places without discrimination..The wearing of modest clothing .is spelled out ...Read more

John avatar

Wow. Fantastique. I cried a bunch and loved every bit of it. I live in Queens, NY and my neighborhood is filled with women wearing the head-scarf. It's hard to imagine a ban - especially in a progressive country like France. Amazing film.

Dylan avatar

The burqini vs the bikini - the most recent flashpoint in the ongoing discussion about Islam, women's bodies, feminism and freedom. MARIAM is a great entree into this conversation, which is more complicated than it seems.

Nina avatar

This is a great short film, perfect for my French classes. More of the same, please Kanopy! Thanks.

Anonymous picture

Excellent short. Wish I had had it this past year when teaching. Will plan on using it in the future.

Anonymous picture
Krishna Han

This is a wonderful film and very well made. Thank you so much for sharing this. So much critical and relevant conversation can come out of this film.

Jack avatar

Thank you for posting this on Kanopy! IRG and French Major with Middle Eastern studies! Love this <3

Anonymous picture

A lovely short that challenges one's perception of what wearing a hijab means. We tend to associate it with oppression, but this film gives a different perspective on it.