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Marriage in the Shadows
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Marriage in the Shadows

The first German feature film to explicitly address the persecution of Jews in Nazi Germany, Marriage in the Shadows called on Germans to accept collective responsibility for the crimes of the Third Reich. Stylistically, the production--in which many former Ufa artists were involved--blends classic melodrama in the Ufa style with documentary glimpses into life in Berlin under the Nazis. Shown in all four sectors of occupied Berlin and across Germany, the initial release of the film reached 10 million viewers. It premiered in the US at New York's Little Met Theater on September 16, 1948.

Comments (2)

Anonymous picture

A touching and superbly made film. Enhanced even more by the dignity and decency portrayed by the two main characters during the 'avalanche of hatred' that had started to overpower Germany. You won't be able to take your eyes off Steppat (plays the character of Elisabeth)

Anonymous picture

A fine film. Moving and beautifully made. The two leads give exceptional performances. This was, I believe, Ilse Steppat's film debut. She's both sensitive and commanding. Also quite beautiful. Was amazed to find out she's the same actress who played Blofeld's memorably lethal hitwoman Irma ...Read more