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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Very well acted; great study of how emotions, both expressed and unexpressed, affect us. Recommend this movie to all.

Anonymous picture

Nice work. I'm an older guy and the Foster actor gave me a glimpse of Steve McQueen for a second. Woody is always good to watch. Great sensitive scene in the kitchen. Hard to pull that off. The actress was a peach as well. Thanks.

Anonymous picture

very good

Anonymous picture

Woody & Samantha are both incredibly versatile actors. Like other comments; thought provoking, moving. 4star watch good.

Anonymous picture

Thought provoking about war. Those past on and the ones remaining and the stages of life they're at. Highly recommend

Anonymous picture

Very moving.

Anonymous picture

Very emotional and touching movie. It brings to light the casualties of war and what families and loves ones have to go through.

Anonymous picture

Powerful movie with 2 remarkable actors.