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Miami: A World of all Excess
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Miami: A World of all Excess
Part of the Series: The Most Dangerous Cities

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Sao Paulo: Kidnapping
15,000 homicides per year, 900 abductions in the last four years, and 1,200 armed assaults per day make Sao Paulo one of the most violent cities in the world. Public…
Caracas: Gangs, Favelas and Miss Universe
Caracas, a metropolis of more than 5 million people, is a land of contrasts: poverty, wealth, consumption extreme oil galore, insecurity and crime records form the identity of this place.…
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Everyone knows the glamour of Rio but these dreaming realities hide a world of violence. The BOPE, a military troop of elite has been created to clean the Rio "favelas"…
Miami: A World of all Excess
Miami is a huge city undergoing an explosion: an explosion of drug trafficking (Miami is the American capital of cocaine) and a demographic explosion, with large numbers of Latin American…
Johannesburg: The Hell on Earth
South Africa is one of the most violent countries. Johannesburg, which is the financial center, is central to this violence. Detached houses turned into bunkers, bars at windows, railings to…