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Mid-Century Moderns
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Mid-Century Moderns
The Homes That Define Palm Springs

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This film continues to lead the way in films about Mid-Century Modern Architecture in Palm Springs and how it changed the face of the city and turned it into a Mecca for Modern Architecture. We have interviews with "Startchitect" Hugh M. Kaptur, comments by William Krisel, a tour by noted ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Anyone interested in Mid-century Modern architecture should see this film. A very well presented documentary about the history of the important era of Alexander Homes in Palm Springs and how they are still so coveted today.

If you are visiting Palm Springs, this should be mandatory ...Read more

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We set out to tell the story of a family and the homes that they built. What we discovered is that the Alexander father and son changed the course of history in the small resort town of Palm Springs. Today, 77,000 people come to the desert every February to celebrate the greatest ...Read more