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Comments (12)

Anne avatar

Perfect. Listen to the music, watch what happens in the background. Compelling story telling, nuanced empathic actors, paced with grace and emotion. My favorite scene? The balloons flying through the air in the far distance above the trees. My favorite line? ‘That’s not based on a true ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Lovely. And subtle.

Anonymous picture

Not a comedy.. I expected a "funny and warm-hearted film" , but it was more of a drama, dealing with aging and no, don't watch it expecting a funny movie.. Overall not that great even for a drama. Maybe 3 stars- for effort?

Anonymous picture

Really good movie

Anonymous picture

Slow moving. Fell asleep 3 times. Might give it another chance. Might have to breakdown and get netflicks! lol

Anonymous picture

Wonderful film -- loved it. And the acting, it was real acting! I haven't actually watched it yet, but plan to, soon. Carol, you should really give it a chance. Don't watch it again, but change your opinion. Come on, you can do it!

Anonymous picture

couldn't get into it. Not sure where the humour was. I didn't find anything funny.

Anonymous picture

A wonderful little gem. Really well crafted, a perfectly restrained score, brilliantly scripted (some memorable lines!), and very well acted. A perfect movie to unwind with, and thoughtful too. I'm turning my welcome mat around :)

Anonymous picture

outstanding acting and entertaining.

Anonymous picture


Laurel avatar

I'm with Betsy on this one. Moved at an easy pace; I felt it was done well, and I quite enjoyed it.

Betsy avatar

Wonderful film. Low key, fascinating, great acting.