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Nuit #1
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Nuit #1

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

This movie will strip you down if you let it. Best watched alone with a bottle of wine. Visceral.

Anonymous picture

It has its moments,, but overall it was a little too formal for me; more like a play than a movie.

Anonymous picture

"Raw and breathtaking" is right. Watching this movie I felt solidarity in the confusion of existence and infinite choices of daily life. If not so governed by convention, every moment is a potential to explore the full range of human emotion, despite absurd of confusing circumstance.

Anonymous picture

Raw and breathtaking

Anonymous picture

You weren't named after the Pharoah Sanders composition, were you? (I thought "Nuit # 1" was terrific as well.)

Anonymous picture

"I feel a dire need to live, and it's now or never"

Anonymous picture

Highly insightful.

Darlene avatar

This film wrecked me. The writing is simply brilliant. The acting is spectacular.