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One A.M.
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One A.M.
Part of the Series: Chaplin's Mutual Comedies

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The Floor Walker
The Floorwalker, Chaplin's first film under his landmark contract with Lone Star-Mutual, has embezzlement as its subject. Chaplin's inspiration for the film came while he and his brother Sydney were…
The Fireman
In Chaplin's second effort for Mutual, he portrays an inept firefighter at Fire Station 23. Charlie, still asleep, mistakes a drill bell for a fire alarm and single-handedly drives out…
The Vagabond
The Vagabond, Chaplin's third Mutual film, was an important step in Chaplin's career, in which he interweaves pathos as an integral part of the comedy. He imposed an unlikely happy…
One A.M.
One A.M., Chaplin's fourth Mutual, is an impressive piece of virtuosity, a solo performance except for a brief appearance by Albert Austin as a taxi driver. The film is a…
The Count
The fifth film in the Mutual series, The Count, further develops the situations of films in which Charlie impersonates a man of means in order to underscore the contrast between…
The Pawnshop
In the sixth Mutual film, Charlie is a pawnbroker's assistant in a pawnshop that evokes the London of Chaplin's childhood. The film is rich in comic transposition, a key element…
Behind the Screen
A refinement of his earlier comedies set in a film studio, Behind the Screen, Chaplin's seventh film for Mutual, lampoons the unmotivated slapstick of the kind Chaplin disliked when he…
The Rink
Chaplin's eighth film for Mutual, The Rink, is one of his most popular comedies. Charlie is an inept waiter who prepares the bill of Mr. Stout (Eric Campbell) by examining…
Easy Street
Easy Street, his ninth film for Mutual and the most famous of the twelve, Chaplin ordered the first of the T-shaped street sets to be built that he would consistently…
The Cure
The Cure, the tenth film in the series, is perhaps the funniest of the Mutuals. It was partly inspired in its setting by the Fred Karno sketch, The Hydro, which…
The Immigrant
The Immigrant, which contains elements of satire, irony, and romance as well as cinematic poetry, endures in the twenty-first century as a comic masterpiece. The film, Chaplin's eleventh in the…
The Adventurer
The most popular of the Mutuals, The Adventurer begins and ends with a chase. It is the fastest-paced film of the series, and although it has more slapstick than Easy…
The Birth of the Tramp
This 63-minute documentary by Serge Bromberg and Eric Lange chronicles Chaplin's rise to stardom in concordance with early cinema's growth from fairground attraction into an international industry.

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