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In Our Water
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In Our Water
A Classic Documentary On the Fight for Clean Water

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A startling film in 1982 rendered all the more shocking considering contemporary battles for clean water. While compelling in its own right, this documentary is a fantastic educational resource as well, shedding valuable insight on a pressing issue. Heartbreaking and rousing, this is a ...Read more

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Excellent! Must see for all. Powerful and even more relevant today, especially after the disgrace with the contamination of the water supply in Flint, Michigan. Never back down, never give up. Speak truth to power. This is what we must take away from this documentary.

Anonymous picture

Outstanding, thoughtful film. Everyone should see it.

Anonymous picture

About 35 years ahead of it’s time.
Powerful and disconcerting.

Anonymous picture

This seldom-seen Oscar-nominated documentary from the 80s is still very relevant today. So frustrating to see government officials behaving so poorly. It feels very much like the fracking problems we are facing today.

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This film should be watched by everyone.

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This film should be seen in every school, colleges and universities. A must see film!

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A film that is not just for NJ but a film that gives truthful information to the world about our pollution problems. This film should be seen by everyone.

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If you drink water—see IN OUR WATER now—for water is the lifeblood that sustains all inhabitants on our planet. That filmmaker Meg Switzgable had the foresight required to capture this deeply affecting, hair-raising story on film is a testament to her prescience. Spread the word.

Anonymous picture

Amazing storytelling! Déjà vu 1982! IN OUR WATER reminds us that denying our environmental responsibility now (relaxing EPA regulations) will only increase future clean up costs. Our grandchildren may ask why we didn't make it more expensive to pollute.