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The Overcoat
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The Overcoat

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This film has all the earmarks of a classic--attention to detail, especially, but also cinematography and casting--and it's worth a look-see. But real politics has so out-paced political satire that the "The Overcoat" can't help but seem antiquated.

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So many brilliant moments, the reading of the minutes, the pompous Mayor, and conniving General Secretary, the search for Rascel's life savings to have a coat made, the visit to the tailor (played brilliantly by Giulo Cali, the magician in Variety Lights, which Lattuada co-directed), the New ...Read more

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NOTE: This movie is shown in the wrong aspect ratio. The picture is stretched out to fill a 16:9 screen (shape of widescreen tv), but it was shot on 4:3 film (shape of traditional twentieth-century television).