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Penny Serenade
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Penny Serenade

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Anonymous picture

Sometimes Cary Grant is too much for me. His priming and prancing takes away from his characters. Arsenic and Old Lace, his comedy for me is Grant at his best. I like him in this one. Cary & Irene make the film.

Anonymous picture

Love this movie! First time watching. How did I miss this?

Anonymous picture

I am drawn to the silver screen standards depicting contemporary 1940s. For me they are a panacea for stress and anxiety. Yes, this story is heartwarming. But more than that, please notice the sets, the perfectly tailored costumes, the deliberate camera softening of the Irene Dunne ...Read more

James avatar

Include me in your film club as I have the same thoughts on these older B&W movies. The attention to detail, costumes, set dressing, dialogue, music, and tone make me frequently have to back up the movie to see more of what's on the screen.

I don't watch very many of the movies ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I too am so drawn to these oldies. Wonderful movie with remarkable acting. Sadly many today are not even able to sit through an entire film because it's just not moving fast enough..

Anonymous picture

Great movie

Anonymous picture