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The People
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The People
To 1806
Part of the Series: Ken Burns: The West

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The People - To 1806
The West begins as the whole world to the people who live there. It becomes a New World when Europeans arrive, a world shaken by incompatible visions. And almost three…
Empire Upon the Trails - 1806 to 1848
The American realizes that 'Progress is God.' The destiny of the American people is to subdue the continent -- to rush over this vast field to the Pacific Ocean... to…
Speck of the Future - 1848 to 1856
There are all kinds of people on earth that you will meet some day... They will be looking for a certain stone. They will be people who do not get…
Death Runs Riot - 1856 to 1868
"Time after time, Congress and the people in the East saw the West as a safety valve, a place where you could go and escape the problems of where you…
The Grandest Enterprise Under God - 1868 to 1874
I see over my own continent the Pacific railroad surmounting every barrier. I see continual trains of cars winding along the Platte, carrying freight and passengers. I hear the locomotives…
Fight No More Forever - 1874 to 1877
My father was the first to see through the schemes of the white men....He said: "My son...when I am are the chief of these people....Always remember that your father…
The Geography of Hope - 1877 to 1887
"Americans aren't wrong in seeing the West as a land of the future, a land in which astonishing things are possible. What they often are wrong about is that there's…
Ghost Dance - 1887 to 1914
By 1887, the West was changing faster than ever before. Americans were moved by the same impulses that had always moved them, to better their own lives and transform the…
One Sky Above Us - 1887 to 1914
Los Angeles steals its water supply, millions of Mexicans migrate north, and Hollywood begins to shape the West and the nation's image of it. Homesteaders and fortune-seekers still arrived, even…