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Personal Problems
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Personal Problems

This entirely African American-conceived and produced ensemble drama is the result of a collaboration of a pair of pioneering Black artists: writer Ishmael Reed and filmmaker Bill Gunn, who wrote and directed the underground classic Ganja & Hess and wrote the screenplay for Hal Ashby's The Landlord.

Originally intended to air on public television in 1980, it went unseen for many years; the original tapes have been carefully restored and the film is now available in its full-length version for the first time in decades!

"The movie's panoramic cityscapes teem with the gritty details of emotional life: romance and chores, hope and despair and loss, bitter resentments and rowdy reckonings with mortality." - Richard Brody, New Yorker

"For all its rough edges, PERSONAL PROBLEMS retains a vitality and an integrity that practically bounds off the screen." - Glenn Kenny, The New York Times

Running Time
165 mins
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2 videos included

Comments (2)

Anonymous picture

Excellent writing and performances make one quickly forget the technical shortcomings. It’s a pity that Bill Gunn did not get to direct more often. I’m a fan of his film Ganja & Hess, and I think this work is the superior one.

Anonymous picture

Well said. I agree!!! This film made my night.