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The Short but Joyful Lives of Pets

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Anonymous picture

Having grown up on a farm and being all too familiar with the cycle of life, I see far too many of the stories as simply portraying the couple as irresponsible and even lackadaisical in their animal husbandry practices. They may be somewhat sad and may take on some hard cases, but they ...Read more

Linda avatar

I just finished watching PICKLES and was captivated, start to finish. The endless stream of death while told matter-of-factly was infused with love, humor and a subtle sadness. I loved the undramatic humanity and liveliness of the unique couple that took in helpless strays, wherever they ...Read more

Lindsay avatar

The subject of PICKLE is a morbid one: a couple recount the lives --but especially the deaths-- of their many adopted animals. But this little 15 minute short is packed with laughter and affection. Never dour or excessively mournful, PICKLE reminds us of the often tragic shortness of life ...Read more

Linda avatar

I enjoyed reading your wonderfully descriptive review, Lindsay. Thank you for taking the time share it and help others decide if the subject of PICKLE is something they'd want to experience. I'm looking forward to watching and feel more prepared for the emotional complexity the subject is ...Read more