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Play it Again, Sam
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Play it Again, Sam

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture
Steven W.

I saw this recently, and loved it.

Anonymous picture

I am still looking for my Woody Allen :).

Anonymous picture

surprisingly boring

Anonymous picture

Having a "Casablanca" theme to start & end this movie was brilliant. In between, funny, funny, funny.

Anonymous picture

A classic. This one, together with Annie Hall, are my favorites.

Anonymous picture

Agree with Stuart! Classics!

Anonymous picture

A precursor to Woody's rom-com masterpiece, Annie Hall (right down to Diane's male-centric clothing). Laugh out loud funny in parts, and surprisingly sweet for someone as cynical about love as the Woodman.And, he makes a lot of really funny faces (check out the couch scene with 'Bogey')...