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Port of Shadows
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Port of Shadows
Le Quai des Brumes

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Another classic of French cinema with the great Gabin and his famed line "T'as d'beaux yeux tu sais" to debutante Michèle Morgan. An all star cast including Michel Simon and Pierre Brasseur. Directed by Marcel Carné, dialogue by poet Jacques Prévert. The tops.

Anonymous picture

Amazingly fresh (1939)French noire with remarkable cinematography, framing, natural acting that burns itself into your brain. Gabin is great.

Anonymous picture

Astonishing. The waterfront shack is among the most compelling mis-en-scene I've encountered anywhere. Particularly stricken by the naturalism in dialogue, exchanges full of ellipses and awkward truth. A threadbare plot somehow saturated with meaning, not three unnecessary frames to be ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A masterpiece! 5 stars

Anonymous picture

What a film!! I watch plenty of French films, gangster films being a particular favorite. This is gem.