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Promises Betrayed (1865 - 1896)
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Promises Betrayed (1865 - 1896)

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4 episodes in this series

Episode 1 Promises Betrayed (1865 - 1896)
How did Jim Crow begin? As Reconstruction ended, African Americans' efforts to assert their constitutional rights began to be repressed at every turn, betraying the promises of Emancipation. Southern whites…
Episode 2 Fighting Back (1896 - 1917)
This episode illustrates the early rise of a successful Black middle class and the determination of white supremacists to destroy fledgling Black political power. The growing oppression had a profound…
Episode 3 Don't Shout Too Soon (1917 - 1940)
In the aftermath of World War I, a new round of race riots and lynching broke out, yet this was also a time of increasing strength for Black resistance movements.…
Episode 4 Terror and Triumph (1940 - 1954)
Episode Four examines the surge of Black activism that took place after World War II. Black veterans returned from the war determined to achieve the same rights at home that…

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Comments (1)

Byravan avatar

Very informative but extremely sad at the same time. That blacks had to struggle so hard and be beaten down every step of the way despite the Emanicipation of 1865, is incredible in a civilized society.
It is now 2017 and with one year of the Trump presidency we see a rapid reversal of ...Read more