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Quai Des Orfevres
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Quai Des Orfevres

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Comments (9)

Anonymous picture

Great movie. Holds your attention.

Anonymous picture

you got to love the french people.

Anonymous picture

not sure why- I am having trouble getting into this one.....
1947, Paris as in USA, Police are not restricted by Due Process.
1 man says: what's wrong- he answers "nothing, must be the heat"-
as he gets into his overcoat- Woman on the street, in coat, big fur
it's Xmas ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Terrific! Complex plot well handled and a surprise ending.

Anonymous picture

Clousot handles the plot complexities with such ease. Brillant!

Anonymous picture

Great French classic that I saw again with pleasure. Louis Jouvet is always the best.

Shaun avatar

Louis Jouvet is always something to behold! Creepy + charming.

Anonymous picture

First rate all the way.

Anonymous picture

a great classic of French cinema with wonderful actors: Louis Jouvet, Suzy Delair, Bernard Blier and dazzling dialogues. Unfortunately, as is often the case, a lot is lost in translation. A must see....