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Quill: The Life of A Guide Dog
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Quill: The Life of A Guide Dog

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Comments (8)

Anonymous picture

Just an awful movie. The main male character doesn't deserve this great dog. I feel terrible for his family and the dog to have been wasted on such a jerk. Then the ending is ridiculous. Cannot understand how this won awards and the glowing comments here. Wow -- just brutal.

Anonymous picture

I have very mixed feelings about this movie. First of all the dogs were great, the movie showed what amazing animals they are. But I didn't like how the dogs were treated.

The movie follows Quill to become a guide dog. The place where he was born and his first year in a foster family ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Great documentary, loved it.

Anonymous picture

The most touching story of one the most important members of our family. Truly magnificent. Better than Ole' Yeller'. Thanking everyone who made this historic film.

I just wish someday they can live longer - as we really need them in our entire lives. The loss of our truly gifted ...Read more

BiblioQueen avatar

This is a very beautiful film depicting the journey of a loyal guide dog from puppyhood to retirement. The freedom that a blind man is given with the aid of a dog and the safety that dog provides is amazing to watch. A great film for anyone who loves animals.

Anonymous picture

Lovely, just lovely... I cried at the end...

Marilou avatar

What a beautiful movie & tear jerking. It shows the true & tight bonding of a man & the dog, his best friend. True representation that dogs are loyal, loving & intelligent creatures. I am an animal lover and I know deep in my heart how unconditional dogs are. Thank you for ...Read more

Christina avatar

Such an adorable movie!