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Romeo and Juliet
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Romeo and Juliet

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

But whatever happened to Olivia Hussey? She all but disappeared, at least for the American audience, shortly after this film. I was never a fan of Zeffirelli (numerous Met opera productions), but I did think at the time that Olivia had a big career ahead of her. I guess I was wrong.

Anonymous picture

Excellent. Saw this when it first came out. But honestly the Lenardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes version is even better.

Anonymous picture

I used to watch this once in art class when I was in eighth or ninth grade I think! Such a great movie and a beautiful Oscar worthy adaptation of Shakespeare's famous love story!

Anonymous picture
E. Randahl

Zeffirelli's 1968 Romeo and Juliet remains a masterful cinematic exploration of
Shakespeare's sensuous love story that ends in heartbreak. I saw it then and
again tonight. Not to be be missed.

Anonymous picture

Great adaption. Saw it for the first time in 9th grade in 1983- english literature class.

Anonymous picture

A truly wonderful adaptation. Zefferelli directs it well & has a perfect cast. The Nino Rota score is so beautiful. Highly recommended.