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Roses in December
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Roses in December
The Murder of Three American Nuns in El Salvador

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Anonymous picture

Given the support that AOC has pledged to the Democratic Party's alignment with the Trump/Bolton goals in Latin America—get ready for more films like this. Infuriating, sad.

Chris avatar

How many times did they drag those dead bodies across the screen? I found that absolutely hideous! I thought there was an agreed respect by the civilised not to post pictures of the dead. That was so terrible. I don't know how the family & friends could agree to that.
There was very ...Read more

Anonymous picture

I hadn't previously seen this film, but the events it documents have always angered me. My interest in the event has been renewed since reading a book about Maura Clarke, A Radical Faith. In a time when most Americans seem to know nothing about the history of US involvement in Central ...Read more