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The Scent Of Green Papaya
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The Scent Of Green Papaya

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Comments (12)

Anonymous picture

This film has a slow pace, but even so it is extraordinarily beautiful. The main character is a master at mindfulness and appreciating and noticing beauty in all aspects of her life. A fine film to watch with a simple story about a woman who makes the best of her life circumstances.

Anonymous picture

Very slow and boring.

Anonymous picture

Sensuous, poetic and delicate. An exquisite film.

Anonymous picture

Way slow and boring. I gave up after 35 minutes.

Gabriella avatar

Mui does not wear a ring on her finger as she holds the baby in her belly of that ironically handsome man who took advantage of her... I think it would have been considered a romance or story of love at this very tail end given he propose to her as he did his ex-fiancée.... To me, Mui, an ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Maybe the ring wasn't necessary? It's obvious that Mui was way more worthy than the last fiance. Since Mui was pregnant. Also, the guy took time to give her an education. With that in mind, we can propose that Khuyen was actually in love with her and he thought good of her, otherwise he ...Read more

Anonymous picture

A beautiful movie,gentle and a treat for the eyes and ears

Anonymous picture

Movies like this make me slow down and pay attention to the world around me. Mui has a gentle and strong spirit that shows even with her barely speaking. I love the way the story progresses with subtle conflict and growth, letting the audience fill in the details.
And the ...Read more

Anonymous picture

In addition to my first comment i am compelled to add an additional comment to this thought provoking film..The employer,a very successful composer, obsessed with writing music and surrounding himself with beautiful works of art endeavors to create a new more dynamic masterpiece from his ...Read more

Anonymous picture

This is a lovely story about a loyal, hard working young servant girl who loves and admires life passionately. She is.Inquisitive by nature and compassionate to all that surrounds her, the young girl matures into a beautiful young women more confident in her identity where she. finally ...Read more

Byravan avatar

Deserves top film award as noted. Superb cinematography and very subtle gentle romantic story. Sadness of the grandmother and the mistress of the house profound and well played by veteran actors.

Anonymous picture