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The Sea of Trees
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The Sea of Trees

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Comments (16)

Michael avatar

Great movie... 5/5
Love, compassion, guilt, friendship, soul searching, survival and new beginnings !

Anonymous picture

This was really good

Anonymous picture

beautiful .. i'm inspired. & i liked the music.

Anonymous picture

Sooooo…. good, heart-warming tale.

Anonymous picture

Great story of Life's twist and turns, the unknown, and the emotions we as humans go through. .

Anonymous picture

This was a pleasure to watch. I found Matthew's acting wonderful, and so too Ken's.

Anonymous picture

Bravo! I really enjoyed this film from beginning to end.. Thank you for bringing Sea of Trees to Kanopy .

Anonymous picture

a wonderful film, like a sibling to Interstellar, for McConaghy in subject and theme of the Transcendant aspects of life. Go Gus Van Sant - again! :) 4-2019

Anonymous picture

Well Done, Well Done!!! Thank You Very Much!!!

Anonymous picture

After watching this quiet, lyrical and beautifully shot film with excellent performances in exceptionally emotional roles ( N Watts, K Watanabe and M McConaughey), I sought to read the critics reviews. Apparently we saw a different movie. So, don't read 'em! Watch this one and think about ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Excellent film! I wasn't so sure at the beginning, because there were so many technical problems...focus issues, people thrashing around in the woods behind the shot... But eventually the plot drew me in and I got lost in it. The ending was beautiful and will stay with me a while...

Anonymous picture

I had my doubts at the beginning, but kept watching. Turned out to be a very thought provoking movie with a surprise ending

Frank Sherman avatar
Frank Sherman

I've been watching movies for many decades. I never saw this movie but I heard enough. ENOUGH. Buster and I didn't even put it on. AND I don't think we are going to. NOT SOON. We only make time for classics with her condition and all.

Anonymous picture

You can't go wrong with classics.

Mike avatar

Once you get halfway in you will be hooked and impressed. Well done by all involved.

Anonymous picture