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Seoul Station
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Seoul Station

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Comments (10)

Anonymous picture

This movie was pretty good. The characters could've probably done things differently in order to survive. The ending was tragic.

Anonymous picture

Huh, what is happening? What is going on? Where is everybody?
Huh, the ER it is completely deserted. Everybody has gone crazy! I wanna go home, daddy!

Anonymous picture

Not many movies can make me react so intensely with the characters. The only reason I won't be re-watching it any time soon is for the sake of my heart. Vulnerable & Unpredictable. 4/5.

Brandon  avatar

relentlessly cruel to the characters and viewer without making any point or sense. there are elements that could have been salvageable, but as a whole I don't see why this was made, especially if you compare it to even mediocre Japanese horror anime, it just looks and feels off.

Anonymous picture

Wow, this is bad.

If you're on the fence about watching this, just spend your time rewatching Train to Busan because that movie is amazing. This poorly animated, embarrassingly written disappointment adds nothing to the original story.

James avatar

Stick with Train to Busan. This one has none of the charm of the live action movie.

Anonymous picture

Worth a watch if you liked Train to Busan. I appreciate that Kanopy is the only service that I'm on that carries this title. And free, through my library.

Anonymous picture

Great film, slow beginning but strong finish.

Anonymous picture

Really emotional and intense. There's a pretty dramatic but interesting back story for the characters. The ending is... well you'll have to watch and find out. 5/5

Chai avatar

Turned out to be really intense and affecting. Right amount of heartwrenching commentary as well.