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Six L.A. Love Stories
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Six L.A. Love Stories

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Comments (8)

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Sol Shine

Some of the bad comments almost scared me off, but I am glad that I followed my intuition as I really enjoyed this film. A great "lady day" watch. Accompanied with a little vegan, chocolate chip cookie dough and coconut ice cream, it made for a lovely night in. *thumbs up*

Anonymous picture

Film school from start to finish.

Anonymous picture

couldn't get through it - kept going in and out of focus

Lynn avatar

waste of time

Viri avatar

This film was an incredible waste of time, completely unimaginative.

Anonymous picture
Velos y

Terrible. Just...terrible. And boring. And terrible.

Kelly avatar

A sweet and charming romantic comedy I even think your guy would like. Kanopy is my own independent film house which is finally at my fingertips and their films are incredible.

Anonymous picture

Wonderful! Finally love stories with adult characters...Bout time