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Slack Bay
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Slack Bay
Ma Loute

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Comments (3)

Anonymous picture

This film is hard to pin down. I liked it, but I can't really tell how much I liked it. It's definitely funny, but it tends to drag (this could be due to a cultural barrier though). The best part of this is definitely the detective.

SHERI avatar

Well done in a style that I find off-putting. For a complete, positive and fair summary read Richard Brody's review in the New Yorker, "Bruno Dumont's Self-Surpassing Inventiveness in Slack Bay". The themes and artistry weren't lost on me but I respectfully wish I'd watched something else.

Anonymous picture

This is so over the top! Fantastic.... the cinematography is stellar - the framing of the shots (gorgeous), camera movement, and color saturation. What cracked me up was the sound. Listen. The story is wild and it gets wilder as you progress. Macabre but sweet, in a really twisted way. ...Read more