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Slow West
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Slow West

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ira avatar

I'm on a Fastbender kick, apparently. This was awesome. Sedate then explosive, I watched all my expectations get twisted. KUDOES!

Anonymous picture

Slow West is a modern western and the gorgeous landscapel (it was actually filmed in New Zealand), but it also includes a dreamy atmosphere and plenty of humor and Michael Fassbender.

Anonymous picture

I don't normally go for westerns, but because Fassbender was in it, I thought I'd give it a twirl. It was worth the 84 minutes. Just one point of correction: Silas weren't a murderer. Justice came in the form of a would-be bounty hunter, and redemption prevailed. I sure like Michael ...Read more

James avatar

I found it to be a combination of Quixotic search for the unobtainable and the lonely Everyman searching for connection, all of it couched in the disguise of satire of traditional Western movie tropes. A short selection without giving anything away is a Scotsman who speaks French, a ...Read more

David avatar

Very good movie! A unique take on the western genre. Brutal and earthy! Solid acting. Fassbender is great as usual. All the other actors hold their own. Great locale. Moves fast, not slow! Good show!

Anonymous picture

Hey David! I dig the classy photo. Nice tie!

Anonymous picture

This is a great movie, with a memorable soundtrack and interesting characters.

Anonymous picture