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Soaked In Bleach - The Death of Kurt Cobain
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Soaked In Bleach - The Death of Kurt Cobain

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Comments (4)

Kenneth avatar

The biggest load of baloney I've seen in a long time. LOL! If you buy the premise in this documentary, I have some swamp-land in Florida you might be interested in. LOL!

Anonymous picture

Exactly. Pure self-serving bs.

Kenneth avatar

It's too bad they don't have Montage of Heck, the definitive Cobain doc. It's much better than this garbage.

Lauren avatar

This film was riveting and so important to see for anyone interested in political justice, true crime and/or 90's culture. The private investigator hired by Courtney Love, several experts in the field and the former Seattle Police chief all believe this case should be re-opened due to all of ...Read more