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Sound City
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Sound City
One of the Greatest Unsung Recording Studios

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Comments (5)

Anonymous picture

So no Manilow on the tribute record? WTF, Dave? :)

An important film. Thanks for preserving the history and saving the Neve board.

Anonymous picture

Note to children of the new don't know what you are missing in your autotune world...there were few things that emitted greater joy than a magnificent record...a great doc that proves there once was an art to making great music

paulette avatar

Amazing Doc dave should get the Roots to record in the new studio on that neve board.

Anonymous picture

what a fantastic history of a great studio , sound is everything , and creativity soars when people work together

Anonymous picture

I loved this movie. I am a fan of Dave Grohl but the history of that studio and the board itself is really fascinating as it was at the center of a lot of great music. The soundtrack is also amazing - I downloaded it right after I finished the movie! Includes lots of old footage of the many ...Read more