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The Sweet Life
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The Sweet Life

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Comments (7)

Anonymous picture

This is a nope for me; I really wanted to like it, but despite a couple of chuckles, I couldn't make it past 15 minutes. It's just trying too hard.

Anonymous picture

I liked the movie flickers of a romantic comedy with a darker premise as base, made this movie quite watchable, and for this watcher to root for the lead characters and hope for a change of heart. Good performances.

Anonymous picture

I'm a book worm, not a cinema goer. For me persoanlly, this was good. In fact, this was the most alt-rock romcom I ever saw.

Anonymous picture

Enjoyable. Life is so worth fighting for.

Minami avatar

How Kenny was able to keep his uniform so clean and white after a cross-country journey is beyond me. And sprinting from Pac Heights to the Golden Gate Bridge without breaking a sweat? Must be a superhuman. A very unexpected rom-com!

Lauren avatar

A solid indie rom-com which is made even more engaging by focusing characters with real-life-adult problems, rather then just quirky twenty-somethings. The acting from the two leads is strong and the story is uplifting without being overly sweet.

Anonymous picture