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The Symbol of the Unconquered: A Story of the KKK
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The Symbol of the Unconquered

In this silent film, Eve Mason (Iris Hall) learns of her grandfather's death, leaves her small Southern town and travels west to inspect her newly-inherited land. With help from her neighbor, Hugh Van Allen (Walker Thompson), she arrives at her grandfather's homestead. When the self-loathing Jefferson Driscoll (Lawrence Chenault) learns that Van Allen's property sits atop a vast oil reserve, he teams up with a group of unsavory criminals to threaten Mason and force Van Allen off his land. Music by Max Roach

Running Time
76 mins
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3 videos included

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Mr. Micheaux deserves to be remembered and put in his proper place in history. If it wasn't for this man, there would be no Spike Lees and Ana Ava DuVernays. Despite enduring both Censorship and Racism, Mr. Micheaux's legacy still remains intact.