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Take Me Home
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Take Me Home

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Comments (6)

Anonymous picture

Very nice. Best film I've seen in a while. Thank you - you made my evening. :-)

Anonymous picture

A nice road trip movie with sensible adults. Good story. Very well done.

Anonymous picture

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. There were more layers than 'boy meets girl, boy gets girl'. For the 'thinking' audience, it poses questions such as, 'Am I truly happy?' 'How important are my material things?' 'Should I settle or should I step out of my comfort zone and go on a journey to ...Read more

Anonymous picture

Lead actors are awful could not get past 10 minutes

Anonymous picture

Pretty good, although predictable

Anonymous picture

Enjoyable. Sam Jaeger is really good and his character becomes more authentic as the movie goes on. Definitely a feel good movie.