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They Made Me a Criminal
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They Made Me a Criminal

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Comments (6)

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Enjoyed. Love these old movies. Would watch anything with john Payne in.

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This is a fine yarn but not at the level I'd hoped. The plot arc is more like a flat line. Interesting take on rural ranch life of the period which seems rarely kind of eclectic for Hollywood. There are a few good scenes, occasionally good acting, and a small handful of noir tropes but ...Read more

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Love old American movies. I had seen it before, but I never tire of classic films in black and white, the best for me.

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Love a classic. Gotta see Garfield in "Body & Soul"

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lummox - a clumsy, stupid person

chiseler - a dishonest person who uses clever means to cheat others out of something of value.

going stag - Go unaccompanied by a person of the opposite sex to a social event.

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